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Saturday, November 5, 2011

"Cold Feet And Hot Pockets..........."

Good Afternoon;

Well it's getting colder and my feet got painfully cold last night for the first time. The biggest problem is that once they get cold, (and it feels 'hot', which sounds strange, but if you have ever experienced it you'll know what I mean), they just won't warm up, which has more to do with the positions I am limited to in the shed than ways and means to warm them. There has to be a circulation issue here too, but other than feeling the pulse in my ankles, no tests have been performed. We never did resolve the nerve issue last winter and spring with the visits to the Neuro. docs. So, since I just received my Medical Assistance recertification I better try to get some answers before it get really cold. The rest of me was nice and toasty though. Before I left the shed today I gathered up and shook out the blankets and sleeping bag, and restacked some of the cardboard. I then placed the large king sized blanket under me but folded so that it was extending beyond the sleeping bag and folded it back up over the foot of the bag making a sort of pocket. I then took a bunch of the thick rubberbands from the package I had found and saved, (because--"this'll come in handy at some point"...me.....a packrat?....if you only knew.....lol!), and secured the ends of the blanket and the 'knobs' made by bunching up the fabric of the blanket. Hopefully this will create a warmer, better insulated air pocket, and hopefully it will survive my tossing, twisting, and turning in my sleep.

Okay I did not get to finish the commentary in yesterday's post....so;

The point I was trying to make was the reversal of stereotypes.

And also the injustice of the overly strict and unfair pre-trial conditions placed on a young man with no criminal record & no previous contact with the police or the criminal court system, a situation where the parents of the injured boy, (a friend, playmate, and neighbor), are not pressing for and have requested that their be no prosecution for the incident-but only the D.A.'s office pursuing the case.

(Are they trying to get some sort of brownie points in Northwest Baltimore by showing that they DO prosecute the Orthodox Jews...in light of the outcry against their handling of the Shomrim case last December 2010?)

One can go into any courtroom in the city on any given day and see both youths and adults charged of equal or worse offenses released with no bail, on their own recognizance, to the custody of parents or clergy...etc.

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