Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"FANfare..................Cop Chop.....................Insomnia Insanity......................Drip Drama..................................."

Good Morning;

Well it's 2:21 am. and sleep is nowhere on the horizon. The more I lay there attempting to fall asleep, the more all those tiny little voices on the very edge of hearing and comprehension amped up their whispering campaign of self doubt and recrimination, dredging up and re-examining the cold dead corpse of all the mistakes that were thought to be dead and buried and put to rest at last.

Rather than go screaming out into the night to play in traffic or drive an ice pick into my ears to make them stop, I'm hear finishing the post from earlier this evening to take my mind off them.

So...2 minutes after I get to the corner, the Mt. Royal Ave. side because the other side was being double teamed by the 'phony homeless drunk duo', a blond haired woman in a silver car pulls up to me and asks "Are you Dave?". When I answered in the affirmative,
(hey sometimes I don't admit to it....there are some spooky folks out there with Internet access!..............lol!),
she hands me $2.00 and tells me she reads our little blog, and says keep the candy bars.
Thank you kind stranger, that made my day!
In the short hour that I was out there 2 other people handed me cash and also said keep the candy. I was starting to feel good about the day and was looking forward to rush hour from about 3:30 pm. to 5:30 pm.
The general consensus has been positive as regards just asking for money vs. it being a transaction, small though it is. As one woman put it, "If I have this dollar, which I am going to give to 1 homeless person out of the half dozen I see on my ride home, I'd rather give it to someone who shows at least a semblance of initiative as opposed to the guy on the same corner in the same clothes, day after day.

That positive feeling lasted about an hour and $12.00 until the cop who pulled up and said "what are you doing?" and when I showed him the sign, (because I try not to disrespect the police and stand their right in their face so they are forced to take action, I usually fold the sign and put it down and take a drink of water or wipe my face, etc. until the light changes and they pull off), and said "just ,trying to make an honest dollar", and he said "you gotta roll out and move along".

I packed up and went down to the bus stop under the bridge to catch the #13 to East Baltimore to go see Monkee and get another couple days worth of meds. It's gotten to the point that instead of a month's supply, I getting a week's, due to cash flow.

(3:04 am.)
uh oh....hold on.....
okay I'm back...the 'new' drip shields/guides/runnels had to be adjusted...it's raining hard here right now... damnit!
(3:25 am.)

Just when I come up with an idea with possibilities and some legitimacy I seem to have lost the one particular location where traffic flow, diversity of commuters, comfort zone, accessibility, and safety are all acceptable. Yes, there are other corners in the area that could be of equivalent value, but I am only familiar with one.(the 'T' intersection right where the Light Rail stop is at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, where Howard St. turns into I-295 and Conway St. ends at the entrance to the parking lot.) I have been told that there have been people up the road a bit on Reisterstown Rd. at the traffic light at the Beltway, I-695, ramps, which I may scope out in the morning rush hour...if I can sleep and wake up.....and the rain is not too heavy.

(4:00 am.)
oh crap......gotta another one to fix....
and that was fun......NOT!
(4:15 AM.)

The 'ex' does not have the car this week during the day so she cannot bring Rachel to the library as I had hoped so we could hang out there and walk over to Quiznos for lunch. IF...and it's a big 'if' at this point...the weather and my body cooperate, and I either get lucky up the road, or get the energy and ambition to get moving REAL early and make it down to North Ave. for the rush hour, (and for the 6:00 to 2:00 shift by the police), and get enough cash I'll swing by Mt. Washington and pick up Rachel and take her out to lunch.
Where depends on the intake for the morning, and whether I'm coming from here or in town.

And I just realized I HAVE!!! to get to doctor's ASAP to not only get my prescriptions renewed, but I need to talk to her about the returning symptoms in my feet and also about the pain in the abdomen which has steadily been increasing.

Anyway, I'm starting to fall asleep at the keyboard and the rain has stopped...for now. I'm getting back in the bag and giving it another try..
(4:41 am.).

(5:04 am.)

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