Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Crime Scenes: Missing teen remains mystery for police - baltimoresun.com

Good Evening;
The young girl in the story at the link above, (and from the title), was staying at the next building over from my daughter Jenn and her family.
Unlike many cases in which the victim is white and well off, the detectives of the Baltimore City Police Department are having trouble in getting some if not most of the National media organizations to take notice or devote any time to the mysterious disappearance of Phylicia Barnes. You can imagine the fears and frustrations of parents, relatives, friends, AND the detectives busting their asses on this case. With absolutely no clues in the month since her going missing the case is at a standstill.
I do not know the people involved, though I have met her father as he went door to door to each and every apartment in the complex handing out a flyer to each resident.
As a father I know this is every parents worst nightmare, a child disappearing with foul play suspected....but the not knowing must be just as devastating .
Take a minute, click the link, read the story, look at the photo, pass it on.
You never know, you or someone you know may have seen SOMETHING that may help.

One thing I AM aware of is that Phylicia, in this cellphone photo looks like a hundred other pretty young women, but it is better to be wrong and a case of mistaken identity, than to be right and have ignored a possible safe resolution of this situation. It could one day be your daughter, sister, niece, or friend.


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