Friday, February 11, 2011

"The Mohel Was Drunk.............OR............Why I've Always Been Leery Of Having Anything Surgically Removed!.................."

Good Morning;

It was another cold friggin' night last night! 14 degrees! I was reasonably comfortable though except when the blanket that I had tented up over my head kept slipping off and my face and my lungs started to burn with the cold.

As usual the worst part is crawling out of the bag either to answer nature's call or when it is time to get up. Since I slept in my jeans and sweat shirt that I am wearing now, it was one less hassle, (having to put on clothes in the cold that I warmed up by laying on top of in the bag), leaving only the part that really hurts, putting on the cold, inflexible boots. (Which are the ones I got at Target with the cracked outer layer, they're ugly but efficient enough at keeping my feet dry and warm..[sometimes too warm when they eventually warm, no middle ground...the story of my life!]..and which I could not get there to return due to weather and the lack of other shoes to put on and just bad timing.)

I got up and hit the Giant for a wash and a cup of coffee and a donut. I then came here to the library where I found a desperate e-mail from Michelle at BCCC hoping and praying I'd get it in time and be able to come in today to the Dental Hygiene Clinic because her appointment canceled on her at the last minute........Wellllll, never having been able to say no to her before for any reason, and always wanting a chance to see her, why should this day be any! I'm due there at 1:00 pm. when the clinic's afternoon session starts. Hmmmmm, and it's Friday.......Happy Hour beckons!

But first, here is the update from my visit to the surgeon yesterday. I have been extremely blessed with quality of the medical personnel I have been seeing. Especially since I have the lowball basic insurance provided through the Medical Assistance program, where it is not uncommon to hear horror stories about the doctors and staff. My only problems have been with the office/administrative types, all my doctors and technicians have not only been wonderful, but most are at or near the top of their field.

The surgeon I saw was Dr. Miles Harrison, Chief Of General Surgery at Maryland General Hospital, formerly the same at Sinai Hospital, and not only a great doctor, but a seriously funny guy! After reviewing the MRI, CT, and Ultrasound and consulting with Dr. Cristina Truica my Hematologist/Oncologist, (who is also one of the most highly rated and respected in her field and one of the youngest professors to be honored for her research into breast cancer), and talking with me it was decided that nothing needs to be cut out, or cut off, removed, or otherwise bent, spindled or mutilated....(unless it freezes and falls off one night from the cold). My gallbladder and spleen are between the highest point of "normal range" and the lowest point of "surgery necessary" usual for my body, it's never a simple black or (And of course I've had my share of incisions, with and without anaesthesia, both of which I've administered and performed on my own for amusement and recreational purposes........and had done by medical professionals in times of need.........LMAO!!!!

The decision is to watch and check frequently with blood tests to see if anything changes, report any new pain, and review again in 6 months. One of the reasons for this is the condition of my liver, and the desire not to place any unneeded strain on that already damaged organ. usual, and as I already know and really should be doing..........change diet, eating habits and lose weight and exercise more.........Guilty As Charged on all counts there....dontcha know....LOL!

Okay, I'm out of here to get the bus to Mondawmin and then the bus to Baltimore City Community College and Michelle. I'll be back at some point tomorrow, here, or from Jenn's on their laptop, (I'm heading over around dinner time to make a and roasted redskin potato w/garlic and parmesan, and shrimp in a garlic ailoi casserole and do laundry and shower), OR...cross fingers-knock wood...possibly my own laptop if I hear from Erik of Pikesville PC, ( )...(gotta put in a plug for his business, it's only fair......if you need some repairs or a tune-up, to add hardware, cleaning and security, etc........check him out).


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