Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Ice Extravaganza.............. Cousin/Cousine ....................................... Down To The Doctor..................."

Good Afternoon;
Back at the library but hopefully not for much longer. Erik of Pikesville PC, ( For Service-Setup-Security), wrote me to say he may have me mobile again over the weekend with any luck. I've got my fingers crossed, I got spoiled really quick, having my own laptop and!

Last night Rachel and I went to see "Disney On Ice - Princess Wishes", and say what you want about the 'The Rat's' reputation vis a vis the ecology in Florida, and their employment practices, etc.....Disney knows how to put on one hell of a show! It was wonderfully choreographed and the lighting and special effects were awesome. Just before the show started I got a text from Jenn saying they took a chance and came down and got tickets. They were almost directly across from us on the other side of the arena, about 10 rows lower. With the zoom on Rachel's new camera we were eventually able to spot them...of course Edward saw us right away when I stood up and waved my must be his 'demon eyes', when I took a photo of their section his eyes blazed silver...ha!

What was even more fantastic was that I met my cousin Harriet's, (from my Grandfather's first marriage, who came up to me in the library after the Jewish Times story last year at this time), by chance at the show. I remember she told me he works part time as an usher at First Mariner Arena, and I saw this older guy among the kids and twenty-somethings that make up most of the ushers, Icoluld barely make out his name tag but I thought it said B*****, so I asked him if his wife's name was Harriet well after the first exchange of 'what a coincidences', he called Harriet on his cell phone during intermission and we chatted for a few minutes. It is just another example of how tiny Baltimore is, earning it's nickname of "Smalltimore"........LOL!

When we stepped outside there was dusting of snow on everything....where did that come from??!!??...........LOL! Rachel and I took the train down and back from Mt. Washington and her mother picked her up, (and ran me up the street to the bus stop in front of their apartment complex because the train had stalled for some reason at the previous stop, making us late and there was no way I could have made it to the bus loop from the Light Rail in time....luckily, the driver knew I was expecting to catch her that trip and had waited an extra couple minutes before leaving, saving me an hours wait until the next and last bus.).

I slept warm last night in the shed, and did not want to get out of the bag, so I stayed there until about 11:00 pm. when I got up and went to the Giant for a wash and food. I have a 2:00 pm appointment with the surgeon, regarding the gallbladder, at Jai, so I am leaving here soon.

Then I'll probably be heading back over to the Starbucks for the evening, unless I hear from Jenn that she needs a sitter.

I'll be back here at the library sometime tomorrow, I hope,


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