Friday, February 4, 2011

"Flying Low.......Slow...........And Close To The Ground............."

Good Afternoon;
Nothing very exciting to speak of today. All the ill effects of Tuesday's miserable night seem to have vanished, except for the soreness in my thigh muscles. Just imagine sitting on the porcelain throne.......half a dozen times in the course of a night for an extended period each imagine it without the throne.
Yeah.....maybe if you're a yoga master it's not that big a deal, but MY tired old legs ache & feel like two bags of dead
I also found out the hard way that the chairs and desks at the Fed/Ex Kinkos are not properly mated for using a laptop. My right shoulder was way out of whack when I left there yesterday from sitting too low and typing in an awkward position......very strange.

I stopped in at the Giant about 9:30 am. and now I'm at Jenn's to shower and wash clothes, and maybe take a nap while they are out to the B & O Museum and then out to Monkton to Tom's mom's. At some point, probably just for they get home I'll take off and depending on how late it is head either over to the coffee shop or back to the shed to sleep. A very quiet day, with a minimum of mass for me.


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