Saturday, February 5, 2011

"No Coffee!!!!?????.......No Quarter!!!!!!!!!!!!!............"

Good Afternoon;
So.......the day started out just like the weather, pissy.
Although I went to sleep pretty early, the first time, at about 10:30 pm., I woke up an hour and a half later stiff and sore and achy and with a runny nose. I took a couple of the Industrial strength Ibuprofen the doctor gave me and an OTC antihistamine and it was dreamsville all the way up until 7:30 am. when the gentle nudges of the prostate gave way to urgent thumpings and ultimatums. It was pouring at this time and I lay back down for an hour until I went over to the Giant at a fast walk to use the facilities. Then it was back out in a grumpier mood because the coffee machine was broken AND the tap water was too damn cool to even make instant, and I wanted the warm as much as the caffeine, so back inside the shed in the steady drizzle where I said the hell with it, I have nowhere to be, and nothing to do until Monday when I see the Radiology folks again. It had warmed up enough in the night that it made for good sleeping conditions, (at least temperature and bedding-wise......the pain in the left abdomen and lower left hip/buttocks, (wow.....I actually got to use hat word in it's proper anatomic connotation in a sentence for, area has been screwing with my sleeping position, and the right abdomen to a lesser extent. And the funny thing is....I'm more comfortable on the cardboard on the ground in the shed than any couch or bed I've slept in or on in recent memory! (Speaking of 'memory', I'd really like to try out one of those "Memory Foam Mattresses" one day....or
I eventually got up around 11:30 am. and went over to the Giant in the fog/light rain to use the facilities.....again!, (but not the same as Tuesday nights need!), and took some extra time to wash my face.......didn't help....still pissy. I grabbed a couple rolls and some turkey that was on sale, (and a banana and a tomato and an orange to try to add some vitamins and potassium), for lunch at the coffeeshop later. I called the 'ex' and told her I wanted to see Rachel to day and to find some way to make it happen, I was in no mood for feeble excuses like the past week and a half had produced! Between the weather, and the remaining piles of snow pushed up onto the walkways by the plows, and the ignorant bus driver who saw me, looked right at me and stared at me as he pulled off, (from a dead stop!!!), almost hitting me as I crossed the street, and the slowness of the subway and the light took me almost 2 hours to get here today. I am glad I did not have to speak to anyone before I got to the counter and Hannah had my coffee ready! I would have snarled and snapped enough to make a wolverine think twice about crossing my!

About 4:00 pm. or so Rachel walked in and my day turned 180 degrees in a nanosecond! We spent the next hour and a half or so looking and playing with her new camera, and when her mother left with that her new mini Rapunzel doll from the movie "Tangled" I had for her. After a Kids Hot Chocolate and a package of brown sugar cinnamon PopTarts we spent about 45 minutes playing one of the game Erik put on my laptop, a PopCap game called 'Bookworm Adventures Deluxe', a word/learning game that was great fun for both of us. These PopCap games, at least the ones I have seen so far have fantastic graphics!

Now I'm winding down, about to eat dinner and start packing up afterwards to get the buses back to the shed. SundayI am heading over to Jenn's at some point to shower and watch the Superbowl, unless someone wants some me/e-mail me....the game starts so late and the trains stop running so early I can't get to Annamarie's this year, and get back to Jenn's where I am spending the night because of the doctors appointments Monday, without spending half the night traveling on and waiting for buses in neighborhoods that I really don't want to, be and have no business being in, at ungodly hours.

Anyway, unless I get a bug up my ass on the way back to Pikesville and get back online tonight from the shed...........see you tomorrow, as I'm figuring out where I'll be watching Green Bay beat Pittsburgh! (Even the Starbucks closes too early to see the Game, and I don't have the resources to go to a bar........though if I found someone with wheels.....?????


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