Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Laptop Letdown........................... Medical Madness............................. Disney Delights ........"

Good Morning;
Well....I'm back at the library again for an unknown period of time. After I posted Monday's blog from Jenn's I went to the Starbucks as usual and turned on the laptop and waited for it to boot up, and waited, and waited. It was in a loop and would not. Greeeaattttt!!!! After turning it off and on, letting it sit, re-seating the hard drive and all the other things I could think of, I called Erik of Pikesville PC, (, who had donated it to me and made arrangements to drop it off to him that evening on the way to the Giant with Jenn on our normal Monday night excursion. I really got used to having the convenience and 24/7 access the laptop brought me.........I hope my poor baby can be fixed, and that is something simple.......siiiiiigh. :.-(
In other news, I saw the Neurologist yesterday for consultation and evaluation and have to go back for the EMG, (Electromyography), test on March 3rd. I see Dr. Harrison tomorrow to discuss the results of the Sonogram/Ultrasound from Monday regarding the gallbladder, I am still waiting for an appointment/referral on some sort of test regarding the spleen, and I MAY start some sort of physical therapy on Valentines day, Monday the 14th. I need to see what happens tomorrow, and then call the hematologist too, because of the abdominal pains, and whether they would contraindicate any specific PT exercises or motions. I don't know what is planned as yet, but anything that compresses the stomach and chest is not going to happen, it hurts bad enough within the normal, such as it is, range of motion I now have!!
I'm on my way back to Jenn's to perform my catbox duty in exchange for spending last night, (I was very sore and the temp. was projected to drop to 13 degrees and yesterday was the continuation of Monday nights bad luck, I had put my clean jeans and sweatshirt in a bag to take over to Jenn's and put on after my shower.....but when I got off the bus at her house, I realized they were still in the shed, with no time to go and get them, I had to take a roll of waterproof medical tape and do a quick and dirty job of 'single guy sewing' by taping the rips in the jeans on the inside of the pants leg and the waistband, it works but it's not going to hold up to a actually look like the $50.00 designer "Pre-Ripped" jeans that people with more money than sense, then shower, grab some lunch and head over to the Starbucks. Rachel's mom is dropping her off around 5:00 pm. and we are taking the Light Rail down to the First Mariner Arena to see 'Disney On Ice'-"Princess Wishes".
Gotta run now, and by the way.....

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