Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Finders Keepers.......... & .................. Printing Party....................."

Good Afternoon;

So I'm sitting here in the FedEx/Kinkos-Office in Pikesville after printing off a couple more copies of Talespinner, my little book of poetry. I also tried an experiment to reduce the size by spinning the text 90 degrees and getting two copies out of 8 1/2 by 11 inch letter size paper. The guy here at the store had to play with it for so long, (which was fine with me because I went into the restroom and washed up and stripped down to the skin changed clothes), and keep dialing in different settings on the computer driven copier behind the counter that he ended up giving me the copy. Which was also fine because not only was the print too small for my liking on some of the poems....I also found out the hard way that you cannot cut 20 sheet of paper and 2 pieces of card stock on a rotary paper cutter when they are already stacked and So I have the 2 new full size copies I need, my original full size master, (which I still want to scan into my computer and/or flash drive), and two 4" x 5 & 1/2" really rough looking copies to lend or give away. Plus I've been in here nice and warm puttering on the laptop answering mail, etc.

Which is a good thing because Jenn just e-mailed me that I had snail mail at her apt., (which is my mailing address now), from Jai, I asked her to open it, and it is my referral for an Ultrasound of the gallbladder on the 7th at 9:45 am. and then a consultation with Dr. Harrison on the 10th at 2:30 pm. I also asked her about coming by to wash clothes and shower at some point over the weekend. After the night I had on Tuesday, even after I have stripped down twice and took a pretty decent 'helmet bath' in the restrooms both here and at Starbucks, a full goose gonzo shower will feel great.

One of the reasons I am here playing with the copier is that the Lottery Gods were in a good mood last night. I stopped in at the gas station to play the usual $2.00 that I spend on my Keno numbers when I can spare it occasionally. This time I followed my regular routine of picking the ticket before I went into the restroom, and on the ledge where the play slips and pencils are were som scratched off scrach-offs. I ALWAYS check them before tossing them in the can because there are a lot of stupid and impatient people out there who either cannot add, and do not know they have a winner on those type of games, do not read the instructions fully and do not know they have a winner, do not fully scratch off ALL the silver coatingand do not know theyhave a winner, or look too quickly and not carefully enough at all the numbers to match to "Your Numbers" on the card, (sometimes there are 20 or more numbers to scratch off and between 2 and 10 numbers to match them to, each with different prize po$$ibilitie$). There were abunch of $2.00 and $3.00 tickets that were losers.......AND a $10.00 scratch-off with the silver scratched off in a half-ass manner I examined the lower cost tickets carefully and discarded them, (these are the ones I have found the most of uncashed), and skimmed over the $10.00 card.....and then took my time and scanned it closely, and one of the numbers, 59 to be exact if anyone cares.....LOL!, was half scratched and the prize amount was unscratched, (and just FYI, on each scratchoff there are 3 letters scattered around the 'playing field' under the silver, NOT in any order, that will tell you if it is a winner or not....i.e. an O, N, E; a T,W,O; a T,H,R; an F,I,V; a T,E,N;...all obvious, and a T,W,F=$25.00,....etc. so if you know what to look for, you don't even have to play the game or match the numbers or whatever), so I looked at the ticket saw an F, an F, and an I and knew I had a winning scratch-off, but could not remember whether it was $50.00 or $15.00, so I scratched off the rest and found the $15.00 prize symbolunder the #59. (FYI again....F,T,Y should be $50.00....ummmm unless it's F,F,!), I stuck it in my pocket and went into the restroom......and came out to a $2.00 winner on the Keno too........LOL! I reinvested the $2.00 for 2 more games,and repeated that pattern for another 6 games, win one/lose one, until I lost both games. I still walked out $13.00 ahead on a 'gimme' though ;-)

I'm about to head over to the Giant and grab something to eat, and I think I'm going to shoot for something fairly healthy since I just finished talking to my friend and former next door neighbor Dvora who was just in here dropping off some work to be copied, about our and our parents and siblings health and diet and genetic traits and old age and eating habits, etc.....a little guilt, a little conscience jiggling, a little inspiration.....Oy Vey!!!

Of course the First thing I'm going to do is get an IV line of coffee started before I go into total system shutdown!


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