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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Caucasian Sandwiches..............The 'Other', 'Other White Meat'........................"

Good Evening;
Nothing exciting to write about today, partly because nothing happened, and partly because even if it did, I'm not feeling much like writing.
I still feel the combined effects of the recent back, neck, and shoulder injuries and overexertion, and it is affecting how I am walking too. And forget about any sense of regular or normal sleep patterns, one hour down and two hours up is a good night.

Plus I did not get any coffee inside of me until nearly 4:30 pm. today. I had a choice at the food store of a loaf of white bread and 2 pkgs. of the Buddig $0.50 deli meat and a bag of chips, or a package of instant coffee for my $3.25 cash balance. The loaf of bread will last me until Sunday if I'm frugal and the chips and deli is dinner today and one meal tomorrow. Push comes to shove, at worst it will be mayonnaise sandwiches and the 'Dunkin' Dumpster' Fri. and Sat. I miss my 'Popeye's' fried chix, maybe I'll slide by there at closing time and see if the fools who purposely trashed the extra chicken have left yet, employee rotation is pretty fluid through there. (I almost had a job there when I first hit the streets, they were going to overlook certain, um....blemishes and blank spots on the application, but I couldn't and can't do a good bit of the required lifting and carrying.)

I can probably squeeze one meal out of Jenn, but they are extremely strapped for cash/food themselves until next week. I'm not THAT worried about missing a few meals at this point, I could really use to lose some weight, and if it got to the point that hunger was a serious health issue, there are soup kitchens if need be.

I'm about to pack up here now.
Well okay, that was nice.....
a friend just offered to buy me a coffee and when I showed her I had one she gave me $4.00, and said it was for tomorrow.



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