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Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Madness Or Badness......Or Both?................."

Good Morning;

Well I'm at the library waiting on return calls from Monkee and the doctor's office, both connected with my meds., tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock....hurry up and wait.

For every story of positive value about a homeless person, there seems to be a negative one supporting the typical stereotype.

I was in the Giant last night and walked into the bathroom and found the walls, mirrors, sinks etc. covered in what first appeared to be feces but turned out to be chocolate cake ice in mass quantities.

(How did I determine this?

Remember the old joke whose punchline went...."looks like dogsh*t...smells like dogsh*t...tastes like dogsh*t"...."Da...good thing we didn't step in it!"


This was cleaned up by the late night cleaning crew after the store closed.

When I went back there this morning about 9:00 am. the daytime porter/cleaner was hosing down the whole room,...walls ceiling, floor, plumbing fixtures, et. al., and looking in the drop ceiling for raw meat or cheese or fish, etc. that would spoil and leave a stink. The whole restroom had been coated in refried beans, and dog food, and beef stew from pop-top cans on the reduced scratch and dent rack in the same hallway. When I spoke to John, the porter, about it he told me that they were 99 & 44/100% sure who did it. A homeless man who had been asked to leave the store recently for reasons I am not precisely sure of, other than his actions were unacceptable. He had come back in and told the manager that he did not like him anymore and that he should check out the bathroom. Which had been trashed and the urinal clogged and the huge roll of TP dropped in the toilet causing overflow and flooding.

Since then he has been slipping in unnoticed and decorating the restroom and rushing out before being caught at it.

He is someone who I have seen around Pikesville, most recently 2 nights ago when he came around the corner of the libray at 1:30 am. in the morning and startled me into 'flight or fight mode' as he approached and started cursing at me, and then changed his mind and veered off across the parking lot towards Reisterstown Rd. as I came to my feet while pulling my hammer out of my bag.

He was a fairly tall, beefy black man wearing shower shoes/flip flops with no socks...(on that cool almost cold rainy night), a torn and stretched out dirty tee shirt under a light windbreaker type jacket, and 'ghetto length' shorts below the knees. I have seen him before and am pretty sure he's not taking whatever psych meds he is supposed to. Once he was laying in a door way in the Pikesville Shopping Center next to the RiteAid talking to the glass doors. He's big enough to be intimidating so people tend to walk the long way around and avoid him rather than confront him and ask him to move.

Anyway.......Times up here.


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