Wednesday, September 7, 2011

" Music Drowning Out The Thunder....Or.....Being Flooded With Homicidal Urges......"

Good Evening;
So I'm sitting here at Jenn's apt. out of the rain and flooding, and I don't know WHAT the shed is going to look like, hanging on to the last shred of sanity as the asshole in the next door apartment's freakin' stereo system vibrates the walls and the air in my lungs like a damn subwoofer. I put my hand through the sheetrock earlier banging ob the wall trying to get him to lower the volume, (that is how cheap these buildings were constructed), and the bass. He won't answer the door at this time, but if this goes on one minute past 10:00 pm. the police will be knocking. And tomorrow morning the management office is getting a visit, the son-of-a-bitch is a maintainance man here at her apts.

Not really in a mood to write, between the thumpa-thumpa, the stink of the dog, the rain, the humidity, and the laptop needing to be banged and beaten on to get it to boot up.


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