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Monday, September 12, 2011

"Drugs Yes.....................Drugs NO!.......................Looking For A Place T o Go........................."

Good Morning;
Well it's up and out and over to the Giant as soon as I post this, (I'm in the shed and since I was online checking the weather I decided to add a couple things I forgot about earlier), then to the RiteAid to be in line as soon as the pharmacy opens to get the other half of my prescriptions filled. Hopefully they will be ready, but I'm not holding my breath. When I was last at JAI my doctor entered them on the online system, no hard copies for me, and 2 of 4 were placed on 'hold' until after the 10th of September, according to the pharmacist....the 'obstructionist is my middle name' pharmacist with whom there have been issues in the past...by the M.A., (computerized), verification system. Which was about right for those drugs, half a month left of each.

Now with no script returned to me, will RiteAid's computer system have this flagged and ready for pick up? Did the pharmacist enter it as such? Will I have to go down to the 'hood and sit at JAI until I can ambush my doctor as she walks past, (because phone contact is not even a fantasy hope, and the front desk staff can't say anything but "sign the sheet and wait until you hear your name", even if you don't actually need or want an office visit, but just a moments verbal contact), to ask her to re-enter the prescriptions?
For the answer to these and other exciting questions....stay tuned and stay smurfy!

So...on Saturday night as I walked back over here to the shed from the gas station about 12:30 am. I saw an SUV parked in the lot by the carport and heard voices from under the car port.....and smelled grape flavored tobacco under laid with the sweeter smell of a substance being mentioned in the news quite often recently as being touted as a great help to sufferer's of certain illnesses, diseases, or undergoing treatments for them.....not that the 3 young white guys smoking said substance seemed to have glaucoma or to be undergoing chemo or radiation therapy at the time.....lol.
I hailed them and told them that this was not a good place to be doing such things as the cops often sat in the parking lot and hung out talking to one another....a slight misdirection....it's across the street where they hide out, but I really don't need the smell of pot permeating the area or anything of mine in the shed.
I kept walking past and stopped out of sight in the lot by the FedEx and turned the volume up on my phone and played the ringtone that sounds like a police or military radio signal a couple times and they hurried into daddy's Jeep and took off.....quickly it seemed.................lol.

While I was coming back around the building from the front, I noticed a new sign....the "For Lease" sign for the office building is gone, replaced by a "Development Lot w/Extra Parking Lot For Sale" sign. This must have went up late last week when I spent the night/day/night at Jenn's.
Hmmmm, I wonder what this portends? It seems to be just falling right in place with all the other signs and omens that are pointing to a need to relocate...ie. leakage and deterioration, increased traffic in and around the carport, Jenn's impending move and the subsequent loss of bathing/laundry facilities, and the immediate need for storage space for some boxes containing the shards and remnants of my past, and a little bit of clothing;..and some other things not for publication....and some weather related health issues that are looming also.
Oh Joy..............

Anyway, once I do the Giant and RiteAid it's going to be a matter of deciding where to go get coffee and to sit and eat breakfast...St. Thomas or Mt. Washington? Maybe I'll just flip a coin over top of the bus schedules and see which way it lands....lol.


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