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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Jumping Back Smash........................"

Good Evening;
So I'm sitting in Starbucks in Mt. Washington trying not to fall asleep as I wait for the broad spectrum anti-biotic to kick in and make the cold sweats and hot flashes stop. It's been a rough couple of days healthwise, in addition to the ment humidityal confusion and gall stone pinball on Sunday, last night at Jenn's and today the above mentioned internal temperature fluctuations had me camping out in the shower sluicing off the moisture accumulation. The 75 - 90 % has not helped either. I had and was instructed to take and finish a full course of the anti-biotics and see if that helps with the symptoms and the low grade fever that seems to hang on in my system.
Then today as I was walking along Smith Avenue at Falls Road from the bus stop to the coffee shop, just walking, on a smooth surface, not slipping or stumbling in any way, nor turning or twisting my body in odd positions or directions, something felt as if it tore or ripped in my right rear lower back area. First a short sharp intense pain that literally brought me to my knees. When I reached up for the bridge railing I thought someone had stabbed me. As I hauled myself upright I knew something was not right when I took the first step. It is exactly to the rear of the gallbladder pain in the abdomen, but I don't not think it's related. It has lessened to the point that it is a dull underlying, pulsating ache thanks to pain meds and muscle relaxers I am already prescribed by the doctor increased per her phone instructions. Tomorrow, (Wednesday), or Thursday I am to go in, depending on the pain in the morning.
It is a good thing I dropped off my re-determination paperwork at DSS yesterday, (which was a frustrating experience, 100 minute wait to transact less than a minute's worth of business because the full time employees there refused to "lower themselves", (actual overheard quote of 2 'civil servants' hiding out in unused conference room next to bathroom with common A/C duct work), to help the poor overworked intern doing the work of 3 people, who was a trooper and kept her sense of calm, rational reaction to the abuses of some of the people waiting, many of whom had not completed or brought with them the proper paperwork, and yelled bitched and screamed at the intern when she pointed these lapses out. I saw & knew it was not her fault, and my only fear was I'd fall asleep and not hear my name called, when in a momentary lull I asked her what page of the sign up sheet she was on and explained my fear of losing my spot, she smiled and said no worry, she'd have no problem remembering who I was, since I "stuck out like a marshmallow in a room full of licorice drops today"!.............lol. It was moot because I did not fall asleep anyway.
Then it was up to Owings Mills and the coffee shop there where the cold/hot crap started. I did run into a friend, Nathan, who I had not seen for a year or more.
Then to Jenn's to watch Devin and the 3 tiny new kitties, (insert Awwww here), and to the multiple showers to rinse off the damn cold sweats. After the new "2 & 1/2 Men" with Ashton Kutcher....'meh!', and the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen, 'very funny', I tried to sleep, but kept sliding off the leather of the recliner and waking up.....it was a long night.
After feeding Devin breakfast, and getting a medical opinion over the phone to finish the anti-biotics and wait, and packing up a few on the loose things that accumulated on 'my' shelf on the bookcase, I grabbed the 1:00 pm. bus here, and had that lovely knee-drop-smash to the sidewalk.

It took about 40 tries before the laptop booted and stayed booted, but it's running fine now....(knock silicon).

It's back to the bus stop and up to the shed shortly, and hopefully 8 solid hours of sleep, flat on my back.


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