Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Cold Sweats And Hot Flashes......................"

Good Evening;
I'm sitting here in front of the Pikesville library using their WiFi because the people at Jenn's apartment complex finally secured their access and Tom has his MyFi hotspot with him on a DJ gig.....and because I asked Jenn if I could crash there again tonight because I really don't feel all that well, and told her I'd split for a while until the kids are in bed and come back later tonight so she and her friend Shannon could have some time together...the apartment is so small and cluttered that one less body makes a difference.
I ended up stopping at the shed to drop off and set up the light fixture I told you all about a post or 2 back down the line. It gives of plenty of light and probably a good bit of heat from the older incandescent light bulb. Not enough to make a difference on a cool or cold day, but enough that an already hot and humid shed will get somewhat worse.....c'est la vie!

I don't know exactly what is going on with my body right now, but I'm breaking out in cold sweats and freezing even in the heat and especially the humidity, I shower and cannot get dry.And then there are the hot flashes! Also I am falling asleep at odd moments during the day if I sit down and rest my eyes, if it was not for the sleep apnea I'd be out for

Whether I am experiencing symptoms from my meds getting way out of whack as regards their schedule and my body is reacting, or my liver is acting up and rebelling, or maybe it's male menopause kicking in?[ not! ;-( ]

I've got to head across the street now, out of WiFi range to get the bus, if I'm up when Tom gets home I may be back to finish this, if not see you tomorrow from the coffee shop.


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mommy g said...

Dave, I have been following your blog since I read about you in the Jewish Times. We have a mutual friend, Inette Miller. Inette babysat me and was my neighbor on Fallstaff Road. Our families were very close and I have reconnected with her.
When I heard that you needed money to take your daughter to the State Fair, I tried to find you at the places that you have written about where you hang out. Obviously with no luck.
I am having back surgery and will be home bound for 3 months. If any of my friends want to take me for a ride and I see you at Starbucks or Whole Foods, or St. Thomas Starbucks, I will be sure to stop by and introduce myself.
Hope your health gets better !!!