Monday, September 12, 2011

"La-La..La-La-La-La...Sing A Happy Song...........OR.................Oh Smurf It, Somebody Shoot Me!......Please!................"

Good Morning;
It's 1:37 am and I'm standing outside the library here in Pikesville, because the benches are soaked and the wifi is too weak under the portico on the side where I .have been sitting eating and reading for the past 4 hours. I was walking over from the Giant about 9:30 pm. when it started to rain, which morphed into a series of thunderstorms rolling through for 3 hours. I really did not want to go and deal with the shed, as I have not had a chance to remove and replace all the wet cardboard from the past two weeks of rain yet. And while I can sleep reasonably sure of staying dry, it's not the most enjoyable place to kill time the moment.

Today was a very smurftastic day! Rachel met me at the St. Thomas Starbucks around 11:15 am and her mother dropped us off at the Owings Mills AMC 17 movies at 11:30 to see "The Smurfs" in Real3D. Screw what all the high falutin' know it all, or is it know nothing?, reviewers who panned the movie said....It Was A Blast! Funny,, slapstick, and corny by turns, and if some of the acting was over the top.....Smurf It!'s a kids movie!

Afterwards we took the bus, subway, and Light Rail to Mt. Washington and sat in the Starbucks there as the heavens burst, as soon as we got inside! You could not see a smurfing thing outside and the water began to leak in under the windows and doors. After a lunch of sushi and raw veggies from the Whole Foods salad bar we played Bookworm Adventure Deluxe on the laptop which decided to play nice once it finally booted up. We walked around the river bank of the Jones Falls looking at how high the recent flood levels were and tossed stones in the water. We got see some turtles that had climbed up on some concrete and boulders to sun themselves, and had a duck damn near fly between our legs along the riverbank. Her mother picked her up about 7:00 pm. just after cupcakes and ice cream.
Altogether a smurferiffic daddy/daughter day.

I stopped by Jenn's between buses on the way up here to grab a shirt and some socks because some of my clothes in the shed got wet due to seepage, and I can't get over to her place to wash tomorrow. The problem with getting all my socks at one time, and underwear too, is that they also wear out at the same time. Things are starting to look kinda shabby in the clothing department. I need to get a new pair of boots...Decent ones this time! No TARGET crap!......ASAP!

It's getting kind of chilly now, and I'm about to smurf on over to my mushroom and see what today's deluges have wrought.

Smurf you Later.....................Dave

(Annoying isn't it....but addictive!
(Speaking of addictive, Jenn and Tom celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary by going to the shooting range and firing pistols, [Jenn's first time], and then out to eat.....all at a huge discount courtesy of Groupon. $90.00 of range time and rental gun usage or $35.00 bucks?... Awesome!)

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