Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Waiting For The Electrician.....Or Someone Like Him".............And.........."Druggies & Dirtballs Doing Dirty Laundry"

Good Afternoon;
Well I'm back at Starbucks and this time I'm sure the power cord is plugged in properly! Yesterday I realized at 8:30 pm. as they were closing up, (30 minutes early for still more construction/renovation work), that the cord was not fully plugged in and I had spent the past hour and a half draining the battery! DUH!, (But in my defense, their was jusssst enough of a connection that the battery/ power cord icon showed the power cord NOT the battery, but not enough to actually charge
When I went to get on the 'net on the bench in front of the library in Pikesville, THAT'S when I found out. I plugged it in at the socket by the loading ramp out back by the picnic table to charge while I read and had dinner but did not get on because the cord won't reach far enough. When I woke up laying, (lying ?), with my face in my book, (narrowly missing the heavily over-Hellmanized sandwich...thank goodness! at 1:00 am.......I figured it might be a good idea to check out the shed and get some needed sleep.

The shed weathered the winds and rain of Irene with minimal new damage. Some of the cardboard 'paneling' used to block holes through the exterior wood had shifted due to being waterlogged and/or wind velocity, as had some new patches of the fiberglass insulation between studs/rafters. My sleeping area was dry and mostly free of wind blown dust and dirt......and Mr. Mouse chose another place to dine.....though he did leave certain 'mementos' up on the, (unused), top shelf as usual.
My lantern and the screw clamp, adjustable, spring-arm, pivoting study lamp, (you know the type, a bigger version of the "PIXAR" logo/symbol with out the base), that I rescued from the trash pile at Tom's mother's on Sunday when I went with Tom and his drunken friend Gary to help clean out the basement so construction can start on the apartment being built that Jenn and family are moving into, were still at Jenn's apartment....(damn it, forgot them today too!) I went right to sleep without trying to read or fool with the laptop in the dark, having only my little penlight flash with me.
(Well that sentence is a mess both structurally and grammatically.......LOL!)
I woke up at 4:30 am. thinking it was much later and took my morning meds and fell back asleep until 9:30 am. when I got up and surveyed the shed for damages, as determined by the increase of daylight shining through. After rearranging a few boxes I went over to the Giant to use the restrooms and to look for something cheap/on sale/reduced to cook for breakfast. I had Jenn's keys and headed down to her place planning to do laundry and bathe this morning., and cook something to eat, (I ended up with 3 medium sized center cut sirloin pork chops and 2 large beef chuck cubed steaks, about 1&1/2 lbs. total, for just under $3.00, and a large square of Giant's freakin' AWESOME sweet cornbread for $0.16!!!, and a 1/2 gallon of Minute Maid Berry Punch for $1.67, and a $4.00 bag of chips, [unbroken!], for $1.00......with the rolls and grapes and cookies I already have, that's 5 meals for about $6.00......which....after putting aside laundry money, and bus fare leaves me with a buck.......hopefully I'll get my little bit of monthly cash tomorrow, the 2nd). The cooking and bathing were accomplished, but one of the lovely, considerate neighbors was monopolizing both washers and dryers.) I'm not talking about just using both pairs at once for 2 or 4 loads, but this group of ignorant wastes of oxygen and past, present, and future prison cells, (the whole family have permanent reservations at some of Maryland's and the Federal Gov't's finer long term resorts....FACT!), was basically telling anyone else who came into the shared, (11 apartments in building), laundry room
that they would not be able to use the W/Ds until 'they' were finished, of about what looked like a small mountain of really foul smelling, and live 'critter'infested, clothing and bedding. I mean 20 loads, (10 rounds of W/D use), minimum.....and it was not like it was a constant keeping up with the timing of each set of loads....they were out 'hitting the pipe', and letting things sit for 20 minutes or more at times between loads with items in all 4 appliances.
Yeaahhh......Well it's not my residence, no matter how much it seems I stop by, and...Jenn has to still live there for about another month, with Devin, until the apartment is finished in Monkton, so any response or retaliation is contraindicated, whether proper & legal, (and basically ineffective and too late), or actual and efficacious and possibly extra-legal.
Even though it will mean I lose a convenient personal hygiene location and seeing the grand-monsters regularly, I'm real glad they are leaving there really is the Asshole of the Earth......and while there are some good people there.......most of the residents can be classed as "just passing through"....and a few described as "pus swollen, infected hemorrhoids clinging to the dripping sphincter of the 'A of the E'.

Anyway, I left there to catch the 3:35 pm. bus to Mt Washington, (and found out that my Kenyan friend Simon is now on that route, the # 58, (and can tell he has been on a route that is mostly major thoroughfares for a shown by his turning radius ability on all the tight right butcher an old gospel song......."Swing WIDE Sweet Chariot..." lol !)...and here I sit. I'm about to eat a sandwich and need to choose......pork chop or cubed steak....????? Results at the next installment....


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