Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Clarification, Explanation, & Justification........................"

Good Afternoon;

So I'm signing off about to leave the library and head to East Baltimore and Monkee's to get med for the rest of the month, then JAI to chance a walk-in to see the S.A. coordinator/facilitator for a referral, (since I have never received a return phone call in 7 different, separate attempts at phone contact), when an e-mail pops up just before I hit the enter key.

It was from someone excoriating me for disclosing the race of the man in the previous post, saying it was a racist thing to do. Well I do have my prejudices and the like, at times petty, at times..(I feel)..justified, but not based on skin color alone. Cultural, attitudinal, based on observed and experienced words and actions yes, and in some cases the majority of the individuals performing or espousing such ideas may be of one race. But I do not hate or condemn all or every person of any race or ethnic group or religion. Wait...I'll qualify the religious category with the statement that there are some so called minor religions or radical sects that spout hate, death and destruction.....I feel no guilt about my feelings toward them or their destruction.

But in the case of this individual, many of my readers are in the Pikesville area and may encounter him. I see no problem with giving them a heads up for their safety and well being.

Gotta run..........


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