Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Place Kicking The Kitty ............................And.......................... Migraines For Mommy............................"

Good Afternoon;
I'm here at the coffee shop after spending the night and morning at Jenn's. As soon as Tom and Ed left for church this morning I grabbed a sandwich for breakfast and then jumped in the shower to rinse off. I ended up actually sleeping for 5 and 1/2 straight hours last night. I first fell asleep about 1:00 am. in the recliner and woke up with the cold sweats just as Tom was getting home at 2:00 am. After drying off and changing tee shirts I fell back asleep until after 8:30 am. when one of the cat's decided to tell me how much he loved and appreciated me and would even more so if I would get up and feed him. I fed all 4 animals and let the dog out to pee and heated up a cup of coffee and drank it. After putting the stinky dog back in the crate I went to pet the cat, Mr. Big, who stayed just out of reach until I got up and went over to him, where he then stuck his tail in the air, stretched and arched his back and stalked haughtily away with a look of disdain on his catfood smeared whiskers. The fat arrogant sack of hairballs!
"Here kitty-kitty-kitty.....want to learn to fly!"!

There is an interesting comment on the previous post from a friend of a friend that illustrates why Baltimore is referred to as 'Smalltimore', (affectionately in this, and how the Internet has brought the "6 degrees of separation" nearer to '3 degrees'.

When I was at the Giant last night I saw that a bunch of "candy/toy" novelty items were reduced to 38 and 40 cents each, so I ended up spending around $4.00 for 10 of them for Rachel, Ed, and Devin. A lion that 'roars' and 'poops' little! The rest were clear plastic tubes filled with small 'sweet tart' type candies, either round, oval, or shaped like little fruits, with various toys on the tops, Matchbox/HotWheels type cars, a teeny-tiny fishing game with little plastic fish and fishing rods with magnets, a monkey that claps plastic cymbals above it's head when a lever is pushed, and an airplane and helicopter whose blades spin when a button is pushed. The grandmonsters were thrilled and I know Rachel will be too when I see her, possibly today, or tomorrow.

I need to go and dry off again, I was soaking wet a few minutes ago before the A/C here kicked on again....cold sweats and hot flashes.....must be "the Change"!


P.S. To Mommy G, (Wendy);
That was very sweet to want to help with the Fair for Rachel's sake, Thank You so much, but, as you read, it all worked out.
I'd very much like to meet and talk with you also.
When Inette was last in town she told me the story of how you had known each other and have now reconnected. If you have read some of the posts from last year, (late Feb. and Mar., the JT and Baltimore Magazine articles and their aftermath), you know I have had some similar experiences.
If you want to e-mail me, (address in the header of the blog), perhaps we can arrange when and where to meet, so you won't have to try it hit or miss.
Or I could send you my cell phone # in a more private setting, so you could call to see if/when I'll be her or at the library. I had sent you a Facebook message back on July 30th when Inette told me the story, so I'm on there too if you use FB much. I think it possible we may have more mutual friends or acquaintances.
Take care, and I hope your back surgery is quick, easy, and as pain free as possible.

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