Monday, September 26, 2011

"A Fungus Among Us!.........................."

Good Morning;
It's 2:30 am. and I've just spent the better part of the last 4 hours finally emptying out the almost totally dissolved cardboard 'flooring' I've been layering over the previous layer each time it got too soaked to be of use. With a pair of yellow Playtex rubber gloves and 2 contractor size black poly trash bags I cleared out close to 300 pounds of accumulated 'mush'....about 4-5 pounds at a time. Between bending and scooping and lifting, it was all I could do to grab a couple handfuls then rest, which is why it took almost 4 hours to do an hour job. ....and why I am so sore. Right now I hurt so bad I can't even lie down, I'm waiting for the meds to kick in to see if the normal dosage needs to be increased. The only reason I went at it this way was because the mold was becoming a health hazard. I had knocked over the fan and when it hit the edge of the cardboard and I saw spores from a fungus underneath start to fly around in the breeze.....time to do something!

I had no idea how I was going to move the bags from the front of the shed until I came back from washing up at the gas station and found 2 of the night stock clerks from a store nearby rolling and smoking a blunt under the carport on company time....... Well in exchange for me not mentioning that little item to their boss, they were happy to drag the bags to a dumpster and toss them in. They even offered me a hit, which I declined, not because of any moral objections to weed, it's just that, 2 hits and I'm "sit in a corner with a dopey smile" stupid for a couple hours.....not what I need at the!

Well, anyway this is either going to help with the 'waking up with a sinus headache' problem, or I going to end up with truffles growing in my lungs.

I'm going to try to find a position that hurts the least now, if the "(s)laptop" wasn't so damn sensitive I'd take it down off the shelf and bring it with me, but right now, once it's up and running, I can't even "fart in it's general direction" without it getting it's feelings hurt and shutting off. There is actually something that has become very shock sensitive, even to the point of bumping the screen, I just try to emulate Elmer Fudd when he's hunting 'wabbits', "and be wery wery qwiet!"


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