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Monday, September 26, 2011

"False Alarums...............And......................A Timely Invitation............."

Good Afternoon;

(Sorry about the spacing...it won't reduce!!!!)

So...that was an unwanted adrenaline rush!

Right after I signed off from the shed this morning I heard someone under the carport talking on a cell phone. It was the voice of a white guy with a professional sounding tone describing the office building and carport to someone and giving the GPS coordinates to the location. A loud, strong, and confident voice unlike most of the people who come under the carport for nefarious purposes. I waited until he was off the phone and was going to wait for him to leave but I heard him sit down and decided to try to quietly slip out, not bothering with the chain and lock because of the noise and the fact that I have to thread the chain though the side wall of the shed, which would put me in his line of sight.

After I got to the Giant and took a much needed bathroom break and washed off all the not just humidity induced perspiration, and made my coffee, I took a LRRP across the parking lot and through the gas station, peeking through the fence to see who it was under the carport. There was a paint and interior contracting company truck in the lot, (which turned out not to be involved in any way), and I saw the guy sitting next to the outlet with something plugged in. I also saw one of Pikesville's local 'characters', and his dog; Bruce the cigar smoking drunk and Joey, standing there talking to him.

As I circled and crossed Reisterstown Rd., vectoring in to connect with Bruce as he crossed, (in a slightly more meandering way, weaving a bit to miss imaginary obstacles....lol), I asked him who it was he had been talking to. It turns out that it was Mark the semi-homeless drunk/crackhead/golf caddie, also a fixture on the streets and benches here, and he had been talking to Bruce on the phone about meeting him in regards to money or drinks owed one way or the other. The area golf courses he caddie at are closed on Mondays, so it's his 'party morning', as opposed to every afternoon and night.

I headed back around to the shed and walked up and saw him with his head phones on and a selection of beer and booze bottles within easy reach as he sat on the nasty, disgusting, asphalt that exudes the aroma of stale urine, no matter how often I rinse and pour bleach over it. I said hello and waved and threaded the chain through the door and wall and put on the lock and headed for here, the A/C cooled library. I am still drying out, it is nasty humid outside again, and a good bit warmer than last night.

I just got an e-mail from Jenn, and I am going to head over there just before

7:00 pm. to babysit Devin while Jenn goes to her HG. So I'll get to shower and change in to my 3rd set of clothing in 24 hours tonight.

It's just after 1:00 and I'm going to head to the coffee shop and eat my breakfast. I split some of the marked out sandwiches with Will last night, so I'm good for today, and I still have a couple "egg, sausage and cheese sauce biscuit stuffers" in Jenn's freezer....and they are microwaveable so I won't burn myself....hopefully....lol.

Times up now, gotta run,


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