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Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Gray............Skies And Mood......................"

Good Evening;
Well it's quarter after 8:00 pm. and I'm in the Starbucks babying the laptop so it will stay up and running long enough to get in a short post. It's a crapshoot everytime I hit the start button whether it's going to start right up and load and run for hours or if it will play games, partially loading and restarting, or gray or blue screening with a manual reboot, of nada...which means that if I treat it like a 'red headed stephild' it regains the will to live. After I have spent 10 to 12 minutes slapping the harddrive around and punching the on button and letting off juuuusssstttt at the right second to see the trio of green indicator lights begin to flash and the VAIO logo fade in on the screen.....hopefully not freezing halfway through the process.

Then once it's up and running and Chrome is engaged and the wifi is connected.....the question is.....will it black out as I type? Or bump or adjust the screen? Or view or attempt to post something that the spirit inhabiting the CPU is offended by..........thereby shutting the system down and beginning the whole mishegos all over again.
But.....when it works it works great, and just like a hole in your roof, when it's not raining so it doesn't leak, sooooo, you tell yourself you'll deal with it later..........lol!

It's been a day of moods that suit the weather, a kind of cool, gray, damp, undefined and undifferentiated general sense of discontent. Halfway between the blues and the blahs, an unfulfilled emptiness overlain with a melancholy lonesomeness.

The 'ex' was being a jerk when I called to see if she could drop off Rachel at the Light Rail, less than a mile from her house, when the car got back to her apartment....lame excuses just a contrary laziness in a weak disguise. So that was not a big help.

I went to sleep late, woke up 2 or 3 times to pee and fell back to sleep. I woke up again at 8:30 am and took my meds, which are finally back on track and a complimentary shedule, and fell back asleep for a few minutes......yeah, about 240 of them.....waking up at 12:30 pm.!
After wandering through the Giant with my coffee for an hour or so completely undecided on what to get to eat, picking up and putting back the same things half a dozen times, I got out of there close to 2:30 pm. and took the bus and the train and the train to Mt. Washington.
Getting the opportunity to overhear snippets of some of the conversations of some of Baltimore's 'hope of the future' generation, and see a broad selection of the styles and colors of men's boxers and boxer briefs, I am amazed that some of these geniuses are allowed out without a keeper. And on a much sadder and serious note, listening to this group of 12, 13, & 14 year old girls discussing who among their peers were pregnant, in middle and high school, and some of the attempts to 'get rid of' the baby's through beating themselves in the stomach, getting violently drunk every day, street drugs, and more, I was both horrified and angered. One says she know's she's not going to get pregnant, not by practicing birth control in any way, her or her many partners, but by "jes knowin', and thinkin' ah ain't".

Okay gotta run, closing time.

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