Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Pint Sized Prima Donna...................And......................Cat Scratch Fever(?).................."

Good Afternoon;
So last night I spent the night at Jenn's on the recliner after watching Devin, who was the Energizer Bunny until she finally got bored with me and decided she wanted to watch 'Dora The Explorer' in her crib before going to sleep....At 11:15 pm.!

It was fun playing with my grand daughter, but every time I thought we were done playing 'tea party', (NOT the umbrella group of neo-conservative wackos, but with an assortment of Disney Princesses, Dora dolls, Barbies & sentient stuffed animals, though it was just as much of a fantasy land as the teabagger's seem to live in...............lol!), another "friend" would pop up and we had to find more room on the couch for them. Between that and looking at her 'American Girl' high end doll catalogue and creating scenarios which I would then have to draw in pencil so we could 'colorize' the picture, (and she has gotten pretty good at keeping the crayon within the general confines of the crude lines I drew, though sometimes the we meant the 'Royal We', and she was the color consultant and where I, lowly peon, did the actual work........can you say 'imperious' boys and girls?....lol!) I never got to eat dinner (though she was a constant source of inspiration and suggestion and we 'grazed' each time we passed the kitchen), until she fell asleep....15 minutes after her head hit the pillow, which happened to be exactly when Jenn got home, so I think that had something to do with her staying awake. Of course the fact that she slept until 11:00 am. on Monday morning may have been a factor!...lol.

For me it was an evening, night, morning, and early afternoon of still being calculated, balance of good and not so good. On the plus side; was being out of the freakin' humidity, a long hot shower and an unhurried shave, food and one cup of coffee, the A/C, playing with Devin, seeing the second half of the new "2 & 1/2 Men" premiere....(..meh....it had it's funny moments and some potential as a comedy....but it's NOT '2 & 1/2 Men' without Charlie 'Harper' Sheen, call it something else)....

On the not so plus side; falling asleep while trying to watch TV and having the pillow slip down the back of the recliner and placing my already twisted body in a weird position and wrenching or cramping my neck, (and now the only way it is comfortable, even with a logarithmic increase in Flexeril and the horse pill Ibuprofens, and an extra 1/4 tablet of the buprenorphine, is to keep my head tilted to the left and my left shoulder raised and my arm held across my chest......which reduces the pain to feeling like a dull ache stabbing down into my shoulder and neck, and back from a point behind my left ear to the middle of the shoulder blade....as if I was a vampire and Van Helsing was just a weeeee bit off when he drove in the wooden stake......lol......ow, ow, ow, it hurts to laugh!)
Mama Cat all of a sudden flip out and flip over and bite my hand, breaking the top layer of skin and hanging on by a tooth that is snagged in the skin.
(I did not do anything different than the last 20 times, she was in the middle of a purr, then WHAM! I've got a cat hanging off of trying to get her claws into play!)
And of course this is while I'm sitting in the bathroom, on the throne, because that is where the feline maternity/isolation ward is. Alcohol wipes and hydrogen peroxide rinses hopefully killed any nasty bacteria.....between the litter box and what mama cats have to do to their kittens because they can't pee or poop on their own until about 2 &1/2 weeks.....yuch!
Then coming back from the bathroom in the dark around 4:00 am. I caught the edge of my broken toe on the wooden wagon that the wooden blocks go in.....that was in the living room and filled with blocks, for the first time in 3 years it had been unearthed from a pile of assorted junk and stuff in the kitchen as part of Jenn's packing process, and promptly moved and relocated and abandoned in the walking space around the toy box......ow, ow, ow.
So now I'm up and awake for the next 3 hours when I wanted to sleep, and of course after taking my morning meds, fell asleep just after 8:00 am.

I heard Tom come in about 9:00 am. and Jenn get up, and then I turned to news off and fell back asleep, with everyone else in the apartment snoring away at the same time....lol, until nearly 11:00 am.

This weather IS conducive for sleeping...if you're inside and cooled off. And now the sky has a weird greenish gray tint to the clouds that looks like it may be about to unleash a downpour soon, and I think I hear the rumble of thunder above the Starbucks Muzak. As long as it's over by 9:00 pm., I don't care, and, if it's extremely isolated and 'local' as predicted....like Not in beautiful downtown Pikesville, I'd be thrilled, as would the roof and walls and floor of the shed!

Well, I'm going to see if the ham sandwich markout from Sunday night is still good, it's either that or a plain bagel for dinner tonight.


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