Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Remember When............."

Good Evening;

Remember When

Remember when:

Love and pain weren't synonymous

Youth and innocence were

Horror was just at the movies

Villains always wore black hats

And terror came from a rollercoaster ride

Remember when:

Loss was only a ball score

Heroine ended with an e

Coke came in green glass bottles

Needles were for embroidery

And nobody carried guns in school

Remember when:

Lonelyness meant your best friend was on vacation

Emptiness could be filled with a cookie

Happiness was a normal state of mind

Depression was a hole in the ground

And insanity happened to other people

Remember when:

Dads were heroes

Moms were goddesses

Only goldfish ever died

Each day lasted a lifetime

And the night was our friend

Remember when:

Evil was only fiction

Goodness was unambiguous

Fantasies were harmless escape

Dreams were untapped potential

And hope shaped our futures

Remember when?

Good Night and God Bless


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