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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Pizza & Shrimp............ 'The Last Of The Summer Whine'.............................Oyster Shells And Clams............"

Good Evening;
Well I'm at the Starbucks here in Mt Washington again this evening. I ended up getting to Jenn's about 12:30 pm. this afternoon to shower, do laundry, and cook and eat a frozen pizza I had grabbed last week from Giant in one of those ridiculous, can't pass it up discount/sale/coupon/reduction alignments. A large, thin crust, 'White', Roasted Garlic, Chicken, Cheese, & Parsley pizza for under a buck...doctored with diced Roma tomatoes and half a dozen slices of microwave bacon, (which though expensive, is convenient and crisps just right in the time it takes to heat the pizza in the oven...with no mess). At the same time I tossed a double handful of SeaPak Large Popcorn Shrimp on a cookie sheet and paced it in the oven too, with a down and dirty dipping sauce of mayo, catsup, & horseradish sauce from foil packets stirred together, it made a quick and tasty lunch for Jenn and I. Dessert was the last of a box of Reese's Puffs cereal with Lactaid milk shared with Little Miss Mooch...Devin The Diva! I'd take a spoonful, and all of a sudden their is this little face staring in the bowl and then up at me with a half smile and a "me too, pop-pop"....if I was lucky I could sneak in an extra spoonful while she was chewing, but at times this child who never seems to eat reveals that she must have a hollow leg where she stores what she DOES like to eat!....lol.

I finished the rest of last nights 'summer whine' in the shed after the laptop pissed me off and the battery died last night with a pad and paper, the only way I can really write when I am trying for poetry, for some reason composing on a keyboard seems sterile. Today after leaving Jenn's and discussing the upcoming move and the loss of storage and hygiene spaces, I'm not as overwhelmed as last night, but more resigned in a kind of psychic-hangover way. And sleep did eventually come after hours of waiting, about 7:30 am. after morning meds., for a few hours. Between the jaundice, dryness, soap in them, and the tiredness and sandy feeling that comes with lack of sleep, every time I blink it feels like, and sounds like in my head, a steamroller smoothing out a crushed oyster shell road over sand.

I had a referral from another blog and I traced it back and checked it out to;
It looks like a fun read, thanks for the link, ladies!


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