Friday, September 9, 2011

"Instant Paper Pulp And Mush......Just Add water...................."

Good Evening;

Well I'm sitting on the bench in front of the Pikesville library under the nearly full moon on another Friday night. The temperature is cool enough that the humidity and the dew point are not too annoying if one is not moving around too much or too quickly. About the only motions I am making now are the short, sharp, stomps at the scurrying scouts of the invading horde of 'waterbug' roaches that infest the area.

And the jaw clenching and teeth grinding resulting from the frequent freezing up of the laptop....and the subsequent pounding on the hard drive that seems to be the only way to get it to reboot.......2 times out of 10.

Well, now it's Saturday afternoon about 1:45 pm. and I'm at the library on their public computers. The laptop decided it had motion sickness and kept freezing up at the least little movement. Of course it would reboot each time now....and freeze up as soon as I got to the site I wanted to be at, or after I had typed but jusssssst before saving the work.

I am hoping that it will act better once it is placed on a table at the coffee shop.

So....the shed was.....'squishy', the cardboard 'floor covering' having been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of water pouring in over the last week or so. The insulation acted as a sponge, wicking water to areas that never had water issues before. My sleeping area was 'damp, but usable', being raised the highest and having the least leakage that reached the floor.

I bought a pair of rubber gloves from the 99 cent aisle at Giant and am going to snag some plastic garbage bags from somewhere today so I can drag and scrape all the soggy cardboard/pulp out and dump it tonight.

It is too warm and humid right now, and the cover of darkness is a plus for privacy too.

I'm outta time here, hope fully I'll be back from the Starbucks in a couple hours.


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